Sprawling campus of UIPS has total area of about 4000 sq.mtr. Situated near village Chandesara, Dewas road, Ujjain. Ujjain Institute is of Pharmaceutical Science has been established by Ujjain Shikshan Evam Shodh Samiti with the noble mission to contribute the growth of technical education in India.

Computer Lab

Institute has a well-equipped Computer center which caters to the needs of faculty, staff and students for their research and teaching. Existing labs include latest Pentium, AMD machines, printers including Laser and Ink-jets, Scanners and Multimedia Kits. Total number of computers presently available including 1 server and 50 workstations. The Institution has got the licensed software as per requirements of syllabus of RGPV, Bhopal. The facility will work on all the major aspects of bioinformatics and chemoinformatics viz. genome analysis, sequence analysis, protein structure prediction, QSAR, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics and quantum chemical analysis. To facilitate these, various commercial and free software are available like Discovery studio, pipeline pilot, Amber, CPMD, Gaussian, GROMACS, NAMD, MATLAB, StarDrop, and Compilers (C, C++, , VC++, Visual Basic, Visual Java, FORTRAN etc.). Other various software like ChemOffice, Sigmastat, Sigmaplot, Endnote, Acrobat Suit and most of the popular Microsoft products like Office 2007/2003/XP/2000, Visual studio, SQL server etc are also available.

The Institute also has a high-speed leased line Internet connection shared equally among all the system.



The Institute is well equipped with quality instruments, well designed labs with all requisites. The institute having 12 labs including Pharmaceutics, Pharm. Chemistry, Pharmacology, APHE, Microbiology, Pharm. Analysis, Pharmacognosy, Machine Room and Instrument room etc. More...

Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Lab

The Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Lab (SAIL) is equipped with HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer, Brookfield's Viscometer, BOD Incubator, Refrigerated centrifuge, Flame Photometer, Flourimeter, Nephelo Turbiditymeter, Refractometer,Digital pH meter, Electrophoresis Unit etc. More...

Machine Room

Machine room is specially designed to accommodate all the Equipments used for the manufacturing operation for various dosage forms. Some of the major equipments installed in the Machine room are Tablet Punch Manchine, Tablet Coating pan, liquid filling Machine, Bottle washing machine, Bottle sealing and crimping Machine, Tray Humiduty control Oven, Capsule Filling Machine,Capsule counter etc. More...


UIPS’s Library contains over 5000 books fulfilling the complete requirements of various subjects like Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Computer etc. Along with these books basic sciences books required by Pharmacy students are also available. The periodicals, Magazines, CD’s and Journals form an important part of library. Our library has an access system and a catalogue system, which is fully computerized.


  • Ragging free campus: As per the orders of Hon’able Supreme Court of India, strict implementation of the recommendation of Raghavan committee on Ragging and measures to curb it are being followed, in our Institution.

  • Student – Teacher Guardian Concept: In order to facilitate better understanding and coordination amongst the teachers and students responsibility of 15 students is allocated to each teacher, so that each student may be given proper attention.

  • Industrial visit: Regular industrial visits are scheduled to promote simultaneous practical learning and up breast students with the real time working.

  • Special Facilities: English and Personality development classes for all the students.

  • Regular seminars and Q and A session attended and answered by Pharmacy professional and visiting facilities.

  • Bus Facilities: The arrangement for the transport has been made for all the students from Ujjain and Dewas by number of buses.

  • Accommodation: Separate hostels for Boys and Girls providing comfortable accommodation and mess facilities are proposed.

  • Canteen: The college has provided a good canteen with all the facilities to the students which provide lunch, snacks, tea and beverages.

  • Sports: Indoor and Outdoor Sports facilities such as Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Cricket, Football, Volleyball etc. are provided to the students

  • Counseling and health care.

  • The Institute has its own Photocopier, Fax, Lamination machine and E-mail facilities.

  • Wi-Fi Zone.

  • Placement Cell.